Out There Ideas



Shannon Entropy, like it’s namesake, is not easily defined.

As dark as it is light, as poppy as it is rocky, and as challenging as it is listenable, Shannon Entropy has tapped into a sound that, much like Claude Shannon’s heady information theory, is hard to pin down, and that’s the best part. When you peel off the headphones, you might realize you are less confident about what this band is and where they are going than when you started. All you are convinced of is that you need to start again from the top.


Shannon Entropy is:

David Hickey • Vocals, Keys
Jesse Hamlin • Guitars, Samples
Libby Hamlin • Guitars, Vocals
Roman Buermann • Bass
Kevin Wilbanks • Drums

For all Inquiries, Email the band at shanentropy@gmail.com


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